Nail Varnish Review – H&M On Ice

Nail Varnish Review

H&M – On Ice

So I got this nail varnish about this time two years ago now I think (it could have only been last year though, I can’t quite remember) and I’ve decided that I really need to do a review on it just to get my thoughts out there. It’s from H&M and I have no idea if it is still available, if your local H&M store is anything like mine then you’ll know that it’s often hit and miss to what you can find. Sometimes there’s loads in, other times not so much. And things you see at one shop, never seem to appear in another one close by, especially with the cosmetic items it seems. But I love H&M so much, and especially as they produce beauties like this.

H&M On IceAnd I’ll be perfectly honest, I only really bought this nail varnish because it has a picture of Bambi and Thumper on the front. I love anything to do with Disney and I’m not afraid to admit it. I mean seriously though, how cute is that bottle?! But despite only buying it for the bottle (that is perfectly normal by the way, right?) I have fallen in love with this nail varnish. Indeed, it even earned itself a place in my Top Five Light Blue nail varnishes.

The name of the colour is “On Ice” and it really suits it’s name. It’s a light blue colour, but it has a sort of dusty hint to it, which really does remind me of ice. And in the winter especially I love putting silver glitter over the top of this colour, or even a blue or purple glitter, and then reminds me of ice even more.

The quality of the nail varnish is really good and it covers perfectly with two coats. The only thing I don’t like about this nail varnish is the brush, which is not of great quality which can make it tricky to apply. The lid is quite small so it can be a bit fiddly to hold and I’ve had to trim the brush a bit as it got raggy with strands sticking out. But the gorgeous colour makes up for any slight difficulties with a brush and I’m sure this will remain a favourite of mine, especially in the winter, for years to come.


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