Nail Art – Reindeer

Nail Art


So I’ve seen loads of pictures and videos featuring Reindeer nails for the Christmas season and I thought I’d share my take on them. These are really easy to create and I think they look really cute.

Reindeer Nail Art

As with any nail look, I started with a base coat, and if you’ve read any of my other nail art posts, you’ll know I always use A-England’s The Knight. Then I painted all my nails with three coats of Zoya’s Dream. I used three coats as this really deepens the blue colour of this nail varnish and I was aiming for a night sky look since the Reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh at night.

Then to create the Reindeer’s I used a large dotting tool and a medium brown nail varnish to create a large semi-circle shape on the tip of my nail. The nail varnish I used for this was American Apparel’s Cocoa. Then using that same large dotting tools and a white nail varnish I made two white dots towards the top of that semi-circle for the Reindeer’s eyes. The nail varnish I used was Sally Hansen Insta-Dri’s Whirlwind White, but obviously any white nail varnish will do.

Still using the large dotting tool I then created the Reindeer’s nose at the very tip of my nail. On all my fingers except my ring finger I used black to do this with A-England’s Camelot and one my ring finger I used red for the nose – Collection 2000 Lasting Finishes Fire Engine – to create Rudolph.

Then I used a small nail art brush and a darker brown colour to create the antlers. I started by drawing two vertical lines on top of the original medium brown semi-circle and then two small diagonal lines coming out of the top of each vertical one. The nail varnish I used for this was American Apparel’s Raccoon. This was the only part where I wasn’t so sure about using Zoya’s Dream as a base colour as I was worried that the antler’s would fade into it but it didn’t work out too badly.

Lastly, to finish the look, I used a small dotting tool and a black nail varnish – A-England’s Camelot – to place small dots inside the white ones to create the pupils of the Reindeer’s eyes. And it’s amazing how much more complete the design looks when this small step is done.

And finally, as always, I finished with a top coat. And as usual I used A-England’s The Shield.


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