Nail Varnish Collection – China Glaze – Winter 2013

Nail Varnish Collection

China Glaze

As of Winter 2013

Next up in my nail varnish collection is China Glaze. I used to really like China Glaze and use them all the time but recently I haven’t found myself reaching for them all that often. But I do have some really nice colours, which I really should use more often. I buy all of mine online, either from eBay or from Beauty Bay. And you can check out the previous posts in my collection series by clicking here.

China Glaze Collection (1)

China Glaze Collection (2)

In this first row are Smoke and Ashes, Glitter All The Way, Creative Fantasy, Ride The Waves, Blue Bells Ring, Water You Waiting For and Splish Splash. I love blue nail varnish, but looking at this row, I don’t use many of these nail varnishes very often. Splish Splash however, is lovely, and I love wearing it in the summer.

China Glaze Collection (3)

In this second row are This Is Tree-Mendous, Party Hearty, Agro, Wagon Trail, Watermelon Rind, For Audrey and Towel Boy Toy. I adore For Audrey, it’s a gorgeous colour and Towel Boy Toy is a favourite in the summer time as well.

China Glaze Collection (4)

In this third row are Sour Apple, I’m With The Life Guard, Sun-Kissed, Kalahari Kiss, Desert Sun, I Herd That and Harvest Moon. Most of the neon nail varnishes in my collection are from China Glaze and I’m With The Lifeguard is another favourite for summer.

China Glaze Collection (5)

In this fourth row are Flip Flop Fantasy, Pool Party, Strawberry Fields, Orange You Hot?, Riveting, Ruby Pumps and Electrify. Even more neons in this row and Pool Party stays on my toes almost permanently during the summer.

China Glaze Collection (6)

In this fifth row are Surfin’ For Boys, Flirty Tankini, Dress Me Up, Fast Track, I’m Not Lion, Glistening Snow and Fairy Dust. Fast Track from the Hunger Games collection is one of my favourites from China Glaze. And you can read my review of Dress Me Up here, my first ever post on my blog!

China Glaze Collection (7)

And in this sixth row are Luxe and Lush, It’s A Trap-eze and Pizzazz. Luxe and Lush was the first flakey top coat that I ever tried and I really do love it, especially in winter over cool toned colours.


5 thoughts on “Nail Varnish Collection – China Glaze – Winter 2013

  1. Flip Flop Fantasy is amazing during the summer, especially on toes! But I’ve fallen in love with Pool Party more over the last two summers when I expected I like Flip Flop Fantasy more when I bought them.

  2. Probably! But I love any neon when I’m wearing sandals in the summer. In you are looking for Flip Flop Fantasy then check out Beauty Bay, I think it’s around the £6 on there and currently they have some China Glaze nail varnishes on sale for around £4, which I’m trying very hard to resist!

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