Nail Varnish Collection – OPI – Winter 2013

Nail Varnish Collection


As of Winter 2013

So next in my Nail Varnish Collection series is OPI. I own a good few OPI nail varnishes and some of them are really lovely, but for some reason it’s not a brand I really reach for. Then when I got them all out to take the photographs I was like, “why don’t I wear these more often?!” You can check out my Top Five OPI Nail Varnishes here, and the previous posts in my collection series here.

OPI Collection (2)

OPI Collection (4)

In this first row are I Think In Pink, Nothin’ Mousie ‘Bout It, If You Moust You Moust, Sparrow Me The Drama and I’m All Ears. I love Sparrow Me The Drama, it’s got a bit of a dusty quality to it which I really like. It’s part of the Pirates of the Caribbean collection and I think it has one of the best names ever.

OPI Collection (5)

In this second row are You Only Live Twice, The Spy Who Loved Me, Die Another Day, The Color Of Minnie, Red Hot Ayers Rock and Minnie Style. This second row starts showcasing some of my varnishes from the James Bond Collection and you’ll notice further on in the post that I do own the majority of that collection. I love James Bond and there are some really pretty colours in the collection.

OPI Collection (6)

In the third row are You Glitter Be Good To Me, Skyfall, Casino Royale, Mad As A Hatter, The World Is Not Enough and Live and Let Die. A lot more from the Janes Bond collection. I love Skyfall and Casino Royale, they were both unlucky not to make it into my Top Five.

OPI Collection (7)

In the fourth row are Kiss Me At Midnight, OPI… Eurso Euro, Tomorrow Never Dies, Alcatraz… Rocks, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow. Alcatraz… Rocks was the first ever textured nail varnish I tried and you can read my review of it here. Kiss Me At Midnight is the second textured nail varnish I’ve bought and you can read my review of it here.

OPI Collection (8)

In the fifth row are Absolutely Alice, Last Friday Night, Mermaid’s Tears, Who The Shrek Are You?, Stranger Tides and Skull and Glossbones. I love this row, which is understandable as three of them appear in my Top Five Post.

OPI Collection (9)

In this sixth row are The Living Daylights, Rainbow Connection, Servin’ Up Sparkle, Wonderous Star, Goldeneye and You Don’t Know Jacques. I love wearing glitter nail varnish, but I hate removing it, so some of these nail varnishes don’t get used very often.

OPI Collection (1)

And finally this seventh row consists of Lights of Emerald City and Black Shatter. I love the square glitter in Lights of Emerald City. The Black Shatter varnish came free with an order and I’ve never used it and I’m not sure if I will, the next time I clear out some of my stash it’ll probably go.

OPI Collection (3)

I also have the The Man With The Golden Gun real gold topcoat. And yes, I keep this stored separately, still in it’s original packaging. The packaging is stunning, but that’s nothing compared to the nail varnish which is amazing.


5 thoughts on “Nail Varnish Collection – OPI – Winter 2013

  1. Oh my gosh. I love your collection! We have some of the same, but I am so jealous of man with the golden gun but I told myself thirty quid was just too much for a top coat. Opi is my favourite brand by a mile, I just love them. My favourite shades are skull and glossbones, come to poppy, funky dunky, mermaids tears and black shatter. I know everyone is so over shatter but I’m not. I also buy far too many opi mini kits xx

  2. I would love to get my hands on Funky Dunky, so I’m jealous you’ve got that! The Man With The Golden Gun is stunning, I decided to treat myself for Christmas last year, I wouldn’t normally spend that much money on a nail varnish. I still use shatter nail varnishes but I usually find myself reach for my Barry M ones, especially my pink and gold ones, rather than my OPI one.

  3. Funky Dunky was an Ebay find! I am trying to finish the whole Shrek collection as I love Shrek, so I still need whats with the cattitude, which is so rare and fiercely fiona. I really wish I had got that topcoat last year. I went crazy and bought all the opi shatters except pink, gold and the green one. Probably wasn’t the best idea as they went out of fashion so quickly, but oh well.

  4. The only nail varnish I have from the Shrek collection is Who The Shrek Are You?, but it is my favourite OPI nail varnish. I would totally love the others though.

  5. I wasn’t really into OPI back in 2009, so when my mum bought me ogre the top blue and I found out about the collection, I knew I had to collect it. I love Funky Dunky the most from the collection, but who the shrek are you is so unusual and people always comment when I wear it

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