Top Five Light Blue Nail Varnishes – Winter 2013

Top Five Nail Varnishes

Light Blue

As Of Winter 2013

So next up in my Top Five Nail Varnishes series is Light Blue nail varnishes. You can see the previous posts in this series by clicking here. I love blue nail varnish and I really couldn’t pick out just five blue nail varnishes so I’ve split the colour into lights and darks.

In Fifth Place is Zoya’s Blu. This is a very white based light blue nail varnish and is probably the lightest blue I own. The formula is slightly thick so you have to be careful with application but it does cover fully with two coats.

Zoya Blu

In Fourth Place is Borghese Rapido’s Castello Blue. This is slightly dusty toned light blue with a bit of a sheen to it. This nail varnish reminds me of rain for some reason (and indeed I used it for the rain drops in my umbrella nail art design featured in this Nails of the Month post).

Borghese Rapido Castello Blue

In Third Place is H&M’s On Ice. Again this is a dusty toned light blue which I thinks really suits the name On Ice. This nail varnish really does remind me of cold winter days. And I love the bottle, Bambi and Thumper are just so cute! The only down side to this nail varnish is the quality of the brush which isn’t great so you’ve got to be careful when using it.

H&M On Ice

In Second Place is Ozotic’s 515. This is the darkest of my light blue choices. It’s a lovely bright blue with loads of holographic shimmer. I would say this could be classed as heading towards a medium toned blue but there is no way I would class it as a dark blue, hence he fact it is included in my Top Five Light Blues. To see the true beauty of this nail varnish you need to see it in sunlight, which is why my photo of it was taken at the beach, with the sea in the background.

Ozotic 515

And in First Place is Topshop’s World’s End. This is a bright light blue colour which I absolutely love, I use this nail varnish so much, especially in nail art. I think this colour is almost appropriate year round, I like it in spring and summer as it is nice and bright but it also has a slight cool tone which I like for the winter paired with a silver glitter. The only time I don;t really wear it is in the autumn.

Topshop World's End


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