Products I’ve Finished – November 2013

Products I’ve Finished

November 2013

So this is my first ever products I’ve used up post. I love watching these empties videos on YouTube at the end of each month to see what people have been enjoying. But I’ve never done a post of my own as I don’t really use things up that quickly and I use the same products over and over so it’d get really repetitive really quick. But this month I have finished a few different items at the same time so I thought I’d share them with you.

At the beginning of the month I finally burned the last of my Cinnamon Sugared Donut candle from Bath & Body Works, which upset me. And then I burned through this small candle made by M&M’s (as in the sweets) which was meant to smell like cinnamon but it wasn’t very strong. It also didn’t cost much and I guess you get what you pay for.

Nov 2013 Empties (3)

I’ve gone through two packets of my Simple Makeup Wipes. I’ve only recently started wearing foundation every day and it’s amazing how quickly I seem to be now getting through certain products.

Colours of the Rainbow Tag (8)

Speaking of foundation I’ve also finished this Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation in the shade Ivory this month. I wasn’t overly keen on the feel of this foundation, but I did really like the colour of it.

Nov 2013 Empties (1)

And as per usual I’ve finished another bottle of nail varnish remover. I go through the stuff so quickly. And yes the picture is of a full bottle. I had kept the empty one to take a photo of but my dad threw it out before I had the chance to get my camera out.

Colours of the Rainbow Tag (12)

And finally I’ve also finished my Drumstick lipbalm. There is a tiny bit of product left in this but it won’t move up and down anymore and I’m not going to battle to get it out. Not with the amount of lip balms I have. (Click here to see my current collection).

Nov 2013 Empties (2)


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