Nail Varnish Collection – Zoya – Winter 2013

Nail Varnish Collection


As of Winter 2013

Next in my Nail Varnish Collection series is Zoya. Zoya are fast becoming one of my favourite nail varnish brands. My only real complaint is about how difficult they are to get hold of here in England. I’ve bought all of mine from either eBay or from the Lucy Rose website. I’d really like some more, but I make myself be pretty selective with which varnishes I buy because they are among the more expensive nail varnishes I buy. You can also check out my favourite five Zoya nail varnishes here. And you can also check out the other posts in my nail varnish collection series here.

Zoya Collection (2)

Zoya Collection (3)

In the first row are Electra, Snow White, Stephanie, Grace and Nikki. As bad as it probably is to admit this, I really need to state that I bought many of my Zoya nail varnishes because of the name only. But that being said, some of those varnishes have become my favourites, so I don’t regret it. Stephanie was the first Zoya nail varnish I ever bought and I only got it because it is my sister’s name. Grace and Nikki were also bought for name only and Nikki is fast becoming one of my favourites (it got an honourable mention in my top five post).

Zoya Collection (5)

In this second row are Jacqueline, Anne, Arizona, Chloe and Savannah. In this row Anne and Savannah were bought for name only. I do like Anne, but have yet to really use Savannah, I’m thinking it’ll make for a nice pedicure colour in the spring though.

Zoya Collection (4)

In this third row are Manhatten Mixer, Neely, Opal, Gemma and Blu. And shock horror, no nail varnishes in this row were bought for name only!

Zoya Collection (1)

And in this fourth and final row are Jo, Dream, Valerie, Cola and Storm. Valerie was bought for name only (it’s my mum’s name) but it is a gorgeously pretty purple colour. Cola was bought half for the name because I thought it was a really fun name and I do totally love the colour. Dream is the newest Zoya nail varnish to my collection and I can easily see it becoming on of my favourites, it’s stunning, exactly like a night sky, so, so, so pretty and you can read my review on it here. One nail varnish missing from this row is Aurora, which I’ve currently lent to a friend.


3 thoughts on “Nail Varnish Collection – Zoya – Winter 2013

  1. Opal is stunning, but it’s definitely a nail varnish you need to layer, I wouldn’t like to try getting it opaque on it’s own. It looks really good over dark greens, I love it over OPI’s Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow.

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