Nail Varnish Collection – Topshop – Winter 2013

Nail Varnish Collection


As of Winter 2013

So here’s the second part of my nail varnish collection. Click here to see the first part, my Nails Inc collection. These are my nail varnishes from Topshop. I really, really like Topshop nail varnishes and there are loads that I want to buy. I’m pretty certain that these are only available on the UK.

Topshop Collection (1)

Topshop Collection (2)

In this top row, from left to right, are Louder, Smashing Pumpkin, Gilted, Waterlily and Adrenalin. Waterlily was one of the first Topshop nail varnishes I ever used and I bought it after hearing loads of people rave about it on YouTube. It’s a lovely light purple colour, but it is very white based and very pale. You can read my review of Waterlily by clicking here.

Topshop Collection (3)

In this second row are World’s End, Marine Scene, Razzmatazz, Mercury Miasma and Eclipse. I love this row so much, I adore blue and green nail varnishes. And I class World’s End as one as my favourite nail varnishes, ever.

Topshop Collection (4)

And in this last row are Moonstone, Hypnotic, Mesmerise, Utilitarian, Zodiac and Gypsy Night. Moonstone, Hypnotic, Mesmerise and Zodiac are all from the Sisters of New Moon collection which was limited edition during summer 2012, so they’re no longer available. You can see my review of Zodiac by clicking here, though. And to be honest I’m not sure about any of the other nail varnishes in this post as Topshop seem to take nail varnishes out of their collection and put new ones in fairly regularly. As I mentioned at the beginning there are loads I want and I may splash out in the new year on some.

Are there any particular brands anyone would like to see next?


8 thoughts on “Nail Varnish Collection – Topshop – Winter 2013

  1. I’ve never tried any of topshops makeup, as it was never really a shop whose clothes I liked. These look so cute thought. I’m excited to see the next post too. I love stash posts xx

  2. I never buy clothes from Topshop, I only ever go in to look at their nail varnish. They have some really nice glitter ones that I’m eyeing. I haven’t tried any of their other makeup but my mum has a really nice lipstick from them which I keep eyeing so I might give something else a go. And there packaging is just so cute, which is a positive in my eyes. I’m glad you’re enjoying my collection posts. xxx

  3. Your collection posts make me feel slightly better about mine. I’ve still got another post or two to do, but I’ve left the biggest collections until last.
    I think I need to make a trip to top shop just to get some of these beauties. I’ve seen the lipstick on quite a few blogs and they are meant to be just as good as some high end brands. Xx

  4. My collection is crazy, I’ve still got several posts to go. I’m glad I’ve made you feel better though! And I would definitely recommend the Topshop nail varnishes, they have so much choice as well, even in the small(ish) town where I live. I can’t wait to see the rest of your stash posts. xxx

  5. It really depends on what type of colours you like. World’s End is easily my favourite, which is a bright light blue, but I love blue nail varnish of any shade. If you like glitter, they do some nice glitter varnishes, but you have to layer them over something else. Other than that they have a really wide range of colours.

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