Top Five A-England Nail Varnishes – Winter 2013

Top Five Nail Varnishes


As Of Winter 2013

So next in my Top Five series is A-England, which is one of my all time favourite nail varnish brands. You can see the previous posts in this series here. This top five was so difficult to choose! I love the A-England nail varnishes and I own so many of them. And this may sound incredibly strange but my favourite A-England nail varnishes are actually my most used nail varnishes. Sometimes the nail varnishes which are my favourites are not the ones I reach for most often.

In Fifth Place is Perceval. This is a lovely deep red colour with a metallic look to it which I love round Christmastime.

A-England Perceval

In Fourth Place is Saint George. It’s difficult to find words to describe just how beautiful this nail varnish is. It’s only in fourth place because I reach for the ones in my top three more.

A-England Saint George

In Third Place is Order of the Garter. I have an entire review on this nail varnish here.

A-England Order of the Garter

Second and First place were really difficult to decide. I’m still not sure if I’ve got them the right way round! But in Second Place is Galahad, one of the few crème varnishes A-England has. It’s one of my favourite blues but I don’t really know what to class it as, it’s not really a light blue but I don’t really class it as a medium blue either. But that doesn’t really matter, it’s still a lovely colour.

A-England Galahad

And In First Place is Tristam, a gorgeous deep blue with holographic shimmer. Like the majority of A-England nail varnishes the formula is great and you could get away with one coat if you are careful.

A-England Tristam (2)


5 thoughts on “Top Five A-England Nail Varnishes – Winter 2013

  1. I love A-England nail varnishes, the colours are amazing and the formula is great. Tristam is an amazing nail varnish, which I would highly recommend if you can get your hands on it.

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