Nail Varnish Collection – Nails Inc – Autumn 2013

Nail Varnish Collection Series

Nails Inc

As of Autumn 2013

So I’ve decided to start a new series of posts to share my nail varnish collection. I’ve seen a couple of other bloggers do this recently and I really enjoy looking at what nail varnishes other people have. I’ve mentioned in a couple of comments that I’ve been thinking of doing this series of posts and people have said they would like to see it, so here’s the beginning.

Now the only reason what I am starting with Nails Inc is because I had to do some shifting around in my nail varnish boxes the other day and they ended up out on my bedroom floor and I had the perfect opportunity to take the photos I needed to of them. Some of my Nails Inc nail varnishes are some of the oldest in my collection, as being British they are easier to get hold of, and I’ve only recently discovered how easy it is to get my hands on certain brands (OPI, China Glaze, Zoya etc) on eBay.

So onto what Nails Inc nail varnishes I have!

Nails Inc Collection (2)Nails Inc Collection (4)

Okay, so on this top row from left to right is Boltons Place, Chalk Farm Road, York, Blenheim Terrace, Chelsea Flower Show and Kensington Mall. I should probably say that I bought very few of my Nails Inc nail varnishes full price. I got several when they done there lucky dip promo, where you pay something like £12 and they send you 5 or 6 random varnishes. It was something like that anyway, I can’t remember the exact price or number of bottles but it was a really good deal! The Feather’s effect nail varnishes I did pay full price for and you can probably see in the photo above that York has been well used. And I’ll hold my hand’s up and say it, I only really bought Chelsea Flower Show for the name (that’s totally normal, right?) as mum and I watch it every year.

Nails Inc Collection (6)

So in this second row are Royal Ascot, Topping Lane, Paris, St Mark’s Square, Victoria and Old Street. Royal Ascot I got in the lucky dip but it is another one I would have bought for the name again anyway. The Sprinkles effects nail varnishes I did pay full price for. And I got Victoria since that is my name, although I had pretty much used up the mini version I had. And the Paris nail varnish I have had for years which I got free when you bought two bottles of Coke, which is a really good deal since that is like less than £2 or something!

Nails Inc Collection (7)

In this row are Chester, Soho Square, Brighton, Fitzroy Square, Kensington Park Road and Pudding Lane. Again I love the Feathers effects and Sprinkles effects varnishes. But I also love Fitzroy Square in this row, which is an amazing glitter, the coverage is good and the colour is amazing. I got it in the lucky dip and have completely fallen in love.

Nails Inc Collection (8)

And the last three are the ones which complete my Feathers effect and Sprinkles collection. From left to right they are Cornwall, Edinburgh and Sweets Way. I love them all.

Nails Inc Collection (9)

And finally I have these two minis, which I got free when I placed an order on the Nails Inc website and they are Onslow Gardens and Beaufort Street.

So I hope you enjoyed this collection post. Let me know if there are any particular brands you would like to see next.


6 thoughts on “Nail Varnish Collection – Nails Inc – Autumn 2013

  1. Love it. You have such a great collection of colours, especially the sprinkle and feather. I love the one sprinkle I have.
    Looking forward to the next post.
    P.s you can get opi on fragrance direct for £3.99 a bottle. I only found this out recently. It is discontinued colours but they release that many it’s impossible to keep up xx

  2. The feather effect and the sprinkles effect nail varnishes are definitely my favourite ones. Although with the feather ones, Barry M have pretty much exact dupes.

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