Tag – Colours of the Rainbow Tag – Nail Varnish Edition – Novemeber 2013

Colours of the Rainbow Tag

Nail Varnish Edition

November 2013

So as much as I loved the Colours of the Rainbow Tag, I loved the Nail Varnish Edition that went round at the same time more. Once again I’ve done the seven colours of the rainbow as well as pink, gold, silver, black and white. Also you’ll notice that there aren’t particularly any glitter nail varnishes in my picks, there is a reason for that!

For Red I eventually chose A-England’s Perceval. I think I was influenced by the up coming holidays for this pick and an honourable mention has to go to OPI’s Red Hot Ayers Rock.

A-England Perceval

Orange was a pretty easy pick for me, it had to be Zoya’s Arizona. I love the colour, I love the formula and I love the name.

Zoya Arizona

Yellow was a really difficult one as Yellow’s are really under represented in my nail varnish collection and crème yellows especially so. Eventually I settled on Collection 2000 Hot Looks’ Lemon Soda, I’m constantly forgetting just how lovely this nail varnish is, I really, really love this colour.

Collection 2000 Hot Looks Lemon Soda

I pondered over my choice for Green for a while but eventually just went with one of my favourites, OPI’s Who The Shrek Are You. An honourable mention has to go to Collection 2000 Hot Looks’ Ninja though.

Who The Shrek Are You

It was impossible for me just to choose one colour for blue, but in the end I managed to narrow it down to two, Topshop’s World’s End and A-England’s Galahad. I could have a list of honourable mentions a mile long, so I won’t bother, it’d take too long!

Topshop World's End A-England Galahad

For Indigo I had to go with Barry M’s Indigo. But this is a really pretty colour.

Barry M Indigo

For Violet I choose H&M’s Pale Violet, which is one of my all time favourite purples.

H&M Violet

I really struggled with Pink. Somehow I own a load of pink nail varnishes, but it’s not really a colour I ever gravitate towards, for anything really. While thinking about this colour pick I couldn’t get away from the thought that I wanted more of a true pink rather than a baby pink or light pink and I kept coming back to the same colour and that colour is OPI’s If You Moust You Moust, so that is what got picked for that colour category.

OPI If You Moust You Moust

I don’t own many Gold nail varnishes but one I am determined to use a lot more this year is OPI’s Goldeneye, so that get’s the selection.

OPI Goldeneye

I don’t own many standard Silver nail varnishes either but I do really like Barry M’s Silver Foil.

Barry M Silver Foil

White was pretty much a choice of two, I only really have white nail varnish to use in nail art, I don’t think I’d ever choose to wear it on it’s own. And the white nail varnish I am currently using the most is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri’s Whirlwind White.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White

Again I only really use Black nail varnish for nail art and if you ever have read any of my nail art posts you’ll know the black I always use is A-England’s Camelot.

A-England Camelot


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