Top Five Purple Nail Varnishes – Autumn 2013

Top Five Nail Varnishes


As of Autumn 2013

So for the next edition in my Top Five Nail Varnishes series I decided to change things up a bit and go for a colour instead of a brand. And that colour is purple. If you want to see the previous posts in this series click here. Now, I have nothing against the colour purple, in fact I think it’s quite pretty, but it’s simply not a colour I reach for very often when I paint my nails. But in many ways that made it quite easy to pick my top five, when it comes to colours such as blue and green I’m probably going to have to split the colours into light and darks I have so many favourites! So onto my top five purple nail varnishes, in reverse order.

In fifth place is Butter London’s Pitter Patter. This varnish was released when the Duchess of Cambridge announced that she was pregnant with Prince George. It’s a lovely deep purple metallic colour which does just scream royalty to me. It ranks fifth because it is pretty new to my collection but it is already one if my favourites.

Butter London Pitter Patter

In fourth place is H&M’s Pale Violet. I’ve mentioned this nail varnish a couple of times on my blog. It’s a lovely light purple colour which isn’t too pale. I got this in a mini set which H&M don’t appear to do anymore which I’m disappointed about as I love this colour so much and I don’t have that much left do I’m trying to use it very sparingly.

H&M Violet

In third place is Barry M’s Berry Ice-Cream. Again a lighter shade of purple but brighter than Pale Violet, I love this colour in spring and summer and I use it fairly regularly in nail art if I need a light purple.

Barry M Berry Ice-Cream

In second place is American Apparel’s Dynasty. This nail varnish is unique in my collection. It is a mid toned purple with a kind of dusty, murky quality to it which I absolutely love!

American Apparel Dynasty

And in first place is Illamasqua’s Speckle. I love the small matte glitter trend that was about at the beginning of this year and I splurged on loads of different nail varnishes following this trend. The Illamasqua ones were the most expensive ones I bought but I fell in love with them and with Speckle in particular. It’s a lovely light purple colour and I love the mic of small black matte glitter in it.

Illamasqua Speckle (2)


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