Rhodes Haul – October 2013

Rhodes Haul

October 2013

I’ve watched many YouTube videos when people come back from holiday sharing what they’ve bought when they’ve been away. In the videos I watch people have usually been to America or Australia or Thailand or somewhere, but nope, not me, I’m going to do a haul from Rhodes. So I went on holiday with my mum and sister for a week at the end of October and I thought I’d share what I bought while I was there with you.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Rhodes is a small Greek island in the Aegean sea. We stayed in a lovely little village called Lindos, which although one of the main tourist attractions, is still typically Greek, with the picturesque white washed buildings and small cobbled streets. I did buy quite a few things from Lindos, but we also went to the capital for the day, Rhodes Town. And Rhodes Old Town has some amazing shops! I spent so much money. And for anyone who is interested in history, Rhodes Town is best known as being the site of the Colossus of Rhodes, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

So, I’ll start with the things I bought at Rhodes Town. My main purchase was this pair of grey Ugg boots for €50. Okay, so we’re pretty certain that they’re fakes, but they’re good fakes. My parents got me some very similar from Turkey a couple of years ago and they lasted me years. So I’m really happy with these.

Rhodes Haul 2013 (10)

I spent ages looking for a pair of aviator sunglasses and finally settled on this pair. They only cost me a couple of Euros and I wore them pretty much straight away. But now I won’t get to wear them again until next summer probably. And yes, this picture is of them perched upon the top of my head, but since we’ve now been back from holiday for a couple of weeks Mum has put all the holiday stuff away until next year and I’m not going digging through that lot to get them out!!!

Rhodes Haul 2013 (7)

I done quite a lot of impulse buying whilst in Rhodes Town as I knew we were only there for a day and that I wouldn’t get another chance to buy the items, whereas in Lindos we looked at many of the same shops every evening. This blue scarf was definitely an impulse buy but I don’t regret it. I love scarves and although I probably won’t wear this until the spring now seeing as it I’d bright blue, I still love it nonetheless.

Rhodes Haul 2013 (11)

My favourite thing which I bought from Rhodes Town, and quite probably the favourite things I bought on the entire trip are these two t-shirts. The both show classical scenes in a distressed grey colour. When I originally bought them I thought that I liked the lighter one better but when I wore them the darker one is definitely my favourite. My mum stated when I got them that they do look quite designer-y and the more I look at them and wear them the more I agree. You can easily dress them up with a nice pair of black jeans and they’ll also go with the skirt I’ve got from Henry Holland. And I also love that they’re so unique, I doubt I’ll see many people wearing anything like them this winter.

Rhodes Haul 2013 (14)

Rhodes Haul 2013 (13)

Holiday destinations in Europe always seem, to me at least, to be great places to buy little knick knacks such as purses and bracelets. I always end up buying so many bracelets when I’m on holiday in places like Rhodes and I have some really unique pieces in my jewellery collection because of this. Admittedly, many of my recent holidays have been to America, but my parents often go to Europe on holiday and mum always brings me and my sister loads of cute little things back. I bought a couple of bracelets in Rhodes Town. First are these cute braided cord bracelets with small bells and a heart pendant on them. I got the same bracelet in both a navy colour and a light lime colour.

Rhodes Haul 2013 (20)

The other bracelets I bought in Rhodes Town can barely be called bracelets! They are really just lengths of cord threaded with the Greek eye beads which you just wrap around your wrist a couple of times and then tie to create a bracelet. I got two on plain string, one in a greeny yellow colour and one in an orangey yellow colour and one on like a leather strip in a lime green colour. The eye bracelets are meant to signify someone watching over you.

Rhodes Haul 2013 (9)

That’s everything I bought from Rhodes Town but I did buy a couple of things from Lindos as well. My main purchase from Lindos was this small leather bag. I saw this in the very first shop we saw on the very first night and on the last night we were there I finally bought it after having been in love with it all week.

Litte Bag From Rhodes

My other main purchase from Lindos was this black t-shirt with a white Spartan helmet on it and which says “Sparta” in small letters. There were many variations of this t-shirt in Lindos, several of which I really liked, but this was the first one which caught my eye and in the end I went with the one I originally liked.

Rhodes Haul 2013 (11)

I am a complete and utter bookworm, so when I had a bit of money to spare on the last day, I treated myself to this book about St. Paul, who visited Lindos during his third mission. There was another book I wanted but I could only afford one, so decided to go with the one about St. Paul.

Rhodes Haul 2013 (12)

I got myself this pen with donkeys and Greek buildings on it. Lindos is known for donkeys as the streets are so small no cars are allowed, so donkey is the mode of transport if you don’t want to walk!

Rhodes Haul 2013 (20)

I bought my sister’s new puppy a stuffed turtle and a soft football with donkeys on (my sister bought him a stuffed donkey which was almost as big as him!). And how cute is he?!

Rhodes Haul 2013 (4)

I got myself two small purses, which will be great to use if I’m going out and only want to take a small handbag with me. I started using these straight away while we were still there.

Rhodes Haul 2013 (1)

Rhodes Haul 2013 (5)

And finally I bought myself this super cute small canvas bag with cartoon donkeys on it. This will be ideal for if I’m going away and just want to chuck some jewellery of small basic makeup items in a bag.

Rhodes Haul 2013 (8)

And obviously I bought little bits and pieces as presents, key-rings, packs of cards, pens etc., but I’m not going to include them in this haul.

Expect to see many of the items in this haul crop up on my blog again if I do any Outfit of the Day posts on the next few months or so. And I thought I’d share a few photos of the lovely Rhodes. This first photo is of Rhodes Town harbour, and the site where the Colossus of Rhodes would have stood.

Rhodes 2013 (257)

And this is a photo of the Acropolis of Lindos, with Lindos village below.

Rhodes 2013 (2)


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