Lush Haul – November 2013

Lush Haul

November 2013

Okay, so I let myself go a little crazy on the Lush website a couple of days ago and this fairly large haul is the result! Most of the items I bought are from the Christmas and Halloween 2013 collections, or from the retro collection. I didn’t really need any Lush products, I still have quite a few left from when I last bought from the Lush website in around March/April time. Pretty much most of the Lush products I buy are for the bath, so I’ve made a promise to myself that I will use my Lush products more often. I’m thinking about doing a series of posts entitled something like “Lush Products I’ve Used This Week.” Let me know what you think of that idea. But that’s for another post, for now, let me share with you what I bought from Lush.

Lush Haul Nov 13 (1)

So, apart from one item, everything I bought was a bath product! The only problem I had with this Lush package is that it got soaked in the rain and therefore some of the products did seem a little, kind of melted, or broke by the time I opened my box.

I bought two of the Christmas Eve bubble bar. I used this last Christmas and completely fell in love with it. The blue portion of it looks lighter this year so in my opinion it doesn’t look as pretty but the scent is still amazing and I can’t wait to use it again.

Lush Haul Nov 13 (5)

I got myself four if the Cinders Bath Bomb, which was a favourite of mine last year. It’s one of the smallest bath bombs Lush make and it has a lovely cinnamon scent and its a lovely colour. I half wasted the one I had last year as I used it when I wasn’t very well and I couldn’t really smell it. I’m hoping to make the most of these four this year.

Lush Haul Nov 13 (17)

I got myself a Luxury Lush Pud to try. This looks really pretty but I’m not sure that the scent is going to be my favourite as it is lavender based, which I will admit is not my favourite. I do try to use lavender scented things at times as it is really soothing and calming.

Lush Haul Nov 13 (13)

The only non bath product I bought was the Santa’s Lip Scrub, and if anyone read my lip balm collection post then you know I was planning on buying this. I love the idea of a cola flavoured lip scrub but unfortunately mine seems quite soft and melted, it doesn’t have the same texture as my mint julips lip scrub at all. I might put it in the fridge and see if that helps as I really do love the scent.

I only really decided to buy the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb because of how pretty it looked. The scent is actually quite nice but it is a little sweet for my liking. I’m hoping it looks as pretty when it dissolves in the bath as it does whole.

Lush Haul Nov 13 (7)

The Star Light, Star Bright bath melt looks absolutely amazing. It’s a star shaped bath melt which is covered in silver glitter. The amount of silver glitter on this does make me a little nervous about using this. I only had one bath melt left in my stash so I did buy two of these, particularly as the website stated the main ingredient was citrus oil and I love citrus flavoured and scented things and lime things in particular. And this bath melt smells amazing, it does have a strong lime scent. You can read my review of this product by clicking here.

Lush Haul Nov 13 (10)

I got two of the Soot Ball bath bombs from the Halloween collection. These just look so, so cute!

Lush Haul Nov 13 (3)

I bought one of The Melting Snowman bath melts. This is so cute! I wasn’t sure about this when I bought it, I mainly got it for the cuteness factor but I absolutely look the scent. Its kind of woody and earthy and just reminds me of warmth. I am actually debating buying another one (or two or three) of these.

Lush Haul Nov 13 (12)

The Pumpkin bubble bar was bought because he looks so cute. He got a little bit bashed in the box but he still smells good.

Lush Haul Nov 13 (2)

I’d been looking at the Lush website for a while before I actually placed my order and when browsing the Retro section I had looked at the Happy Pill bath bomb and then ended up adding it to my basket at last minute. I really did not expect this to be as big as it is, its huge!

Lush Haul Nov 13 (14)

The Hot Toddy bubble bar is just autumn in bubble bar form. It smells brilliant and just reminds me of warmth, apparently it is the same scent as the Melting Snowman and I can’t wait to use them together. If I do place another order at Lush I will be getting another one of these.

Lush Haul Nov 13 (6)

The Ma Bar is another retro bubble bar. I love the idea of cocoa being used in a bubble bar and am looking forward to trying this. I’m thinking I might use it with a Cinders bath bomb, but I’m not sure yet…

Lush Haul Nov 13 (18)

Fizzy O’Therapy is a retro bath bomb. I’m not entirely sure what made me buy this as now it’d arrived it doesn’t look like anything spectacular. Its supposed to be another warm scent with ginger and cinnamon, so if that comes through in the bath then I’m bound to like it. It might be another good one to combine with the Ma Bar.

Lush Haul Nov 13 (16)

Overall I’m really happy with all the things I got from Lush. There were a couple of things I wanted which I didn’t get in an attempt to keep costs down. I may place another order if I use the things I just bought.


5 thoughts on “Lush Haul – November 2013

  1. Oh my gosh!
    I thought I went crazy but I am jealous of your haul. The soot bomb is great, I’ve just done a review. Hope you like him. Looking forward to reading your reviews and now following your blog. Xx

  2. Yeah, I definitely went a little crazy, but I try to order everything I want at once so I only pay the shipping once. I’ll probably not order from Lush again now until next year. I’ve already used one of my Soot Ball bath bombs and I really enjoyed it, I really like how it is gold under the black.

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