Haul – H&M, Zara and Superdrug – October 2013


H&M, Zara and Superdrug

October 2013

So mum and I both had the day off work following going to see Jesus Christ Superstar the previous evening so we took a shopping trip to York. York is a great place to go shopping and its really pretty. I did need some new clothes but I didn’t go wanting anything in particular. I like York because it has a really big Topshop and it also has an Urban Outfitters store, the only one anywhere near us. However I was disappointed with both these stores and didn’t buy anything from either. York is also the only place near us with a Mango store but there wasn’t much in there either apart from one really pretty dress which I couldn’t justify buying. But I did buy a couple of things from Zara, H&M and Superdrug.

I’ll start with H&M. There were a couple of things I could have bought but I showed some restraint and only got myself one thing and then mum and I bought something to share. What I bought myself is this sheer black cardigan with tassels on the edge and an Aztec style pattern in black velvet on the back. This was a necessary purchase and me and mum are going on holiday with my sister in a couple of weeks and I needed something for the evening.

Haul Oct 2013 (2)

Haul Oct 2013 (7)

Then mum and I went halves on this lovely scarf, also from H&M, in some lovely autumny colours and with an Aztecy type print. So, so, so pretty and not that expensive, especially when you’re only paying half.

Haul Oct 2013 (8)

My main purchase from Superdrug was an essential. It was just my regular makeup wipes from Simple for sensitive skin. They were on buy one get one free so obviously I got two packets.

Haul Oct 2013 (6)

Then I indulged myself slightly (with some influence from mum) and bought the new red tinted Vaseline. I tried this at my sisters last week and although it doesn’t really tint your lips that much it smells gorgeous so I thought it was well worth the money. I also looked at the two new Barry M nail varnish collections but I managed to resist!

Haul Oct 2013 (1)

The place I spent the most money in was Zara, and I only bought t-shirts! I went to York knowing that I wanted something to wear with a new skirt I’ve got from Henry Holland and for the winter months I ideally wanted an off white long sleeved jumper. I couldn’t find anything I was looking for that met that description but mum opened me to the idea that certain t-shirts would go well with it. So I bought three that I really liked from Zara. There were some others I also liked and if they had had one in my size I would definitely have bought four!

The three t-shirts I bought were more than I would usually spend on a t-shirt but I was completely in love with all of them and I know they’ll last me a long time. Also we don’t have a Zara very close to us, so I buy from there when I get the chance. The first one is an off black, charcoally grey colour with a darker black collar. On the front there is a kind of red checked pattern which spells out the words “East End Girls”.

Haul Oct 2013 (5)

The second one is a light to mid toned grey with a distressed union jack on the front in shades of grey and writing on in French. It has very slightly rolled up sleeves.

Haul Oct 2013 (4)

The third and final one is probably my favourite of the three and is the only one I have worn so far. Its a deep charcoal grey colour and has a distressed circular design on the front and has actual studs onb it. It has the rolled/capped sleeves and a similar detail on the collar.

Haul Oct 2013 (3)


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