Outfit of the Day – Casual Autumn Night At A Show

Outfit of the Day

Casual Autumn Night At A Show

It seems like ages since I’ve done an Outfit of the Day post. I’ve thought about and even planned out in my head a couple over the last two months or so but I never got around to actually doing them. But anyway, on to this actual post.

So the other night mum and I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar. And although this can be classed as a theatre show, this show was not playing in theatres but instead in arenas. Therefore I didn’t feel the need to go all theatre dressy and actually dress up. Instead I went decidedly casual. Seeing Jesus Christ Superstar (especially with a cast including Tim Minchin, Ben Forster, Melanie Chisholm, Chris Moyles and Alex Hansen) was a dream come true for me and I really didn’t want to have to spend time worrying about what I was wearing. My main aim was to be comfortable, there was no way I was going to risk missing anything or not giving the show my full attention because I felt uncomfortable.

For the beginning of Autumn here in the North East of England the weather has been kind of strange and unseasonably warm. But that been said it was definitely jeans weather and I wore my favourite pair of skinny jeans from Henry Holland, which have featured in several other of my Outfit of the Day posts (here, here and here to be specific).

Comfortable shoes were also a must as the arena is a five to ten minute walk away from the easiest place to park the car. So I wore my converse style high tops from New Look which are cream in colour and have Union Jacks on the sides. If I was wearing super skinny jeans or leggings I would tuck them into these shoes but I can’t really do that comfortably with the Henry Holland jeans so I didn’t bother. I can always remember wearing these shoes to work for the first time last summer when we had a dress down day and I had so many people telling me they liked them!


With my jeans I wore one of my smarter t-shirts. It’s a deep burgundy colour with rolled over sleeves which my mum got me last Christmas from Topman. She said there was the exact same t-shirt in Topshop but that it cost more and I know loads of people with the ones from Topman instead.


I’ve been to the arena we were going to many times over the years and its one of those places which you never know if its going to be warm or cold. Therefore I also took along my three quarter sleeved v-neck white crocheted jumper. I wasn’t sure if it would go with my t-shirt but my mum said it looked well and she’s really fashionable so I trust her. And I did need it for the second part of the performance. I got this jumper a month or so ago from River Island when it was on sale.


I did also take a hoody with me, the one I bought at Central Park Zoo in 2011 to be specific and I did wear it on the walk to and from the arena, but with the strange weather in England at the moment I could have got away with not taking it but it may have been a little chilly on the walk back to the car.

My hair is often the bane of my life when I want to go anywhere. It’s really thick and curly. The curls wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t go frizzy, but they go really frizzy! I did straighten my hair and my mum really wanted me to leave it down but I knew it would annoy me. I did experiment with pulling it back into a high ponytail and doing a 3-D fishtail braid (which did actually look pretty cool) but having my hair pulled back into a high ponytail often gives me a headache and I could feel the beginnings of one coming on a couple of hours before we were due to leave so I quickly took it out. In the end my hair went back in its normal braid but it was slightly more manageable due to being straight (ish).

Anyone who knows me well or who reads my blog knows that I love nail varnish and I love nail art. And I will admit to thinking long and hard before deciding what to wear on my nails, I thought about it for well over a week. I did debate doing some form of nail art, possibly based on the Jesus Christ Superstar logo or the scarf Tim Minchin wears as Judas (and I may still do) but finally a couple of days before I decided that a good colour to wear on my nails when going to see Jesus Christ Superstar would be red. And then I was determined not to change my mind. So I wore A-England’s Perceval and over the top of that I layered Alanna Renee’s Fawkes for some added sparkle.


I didn’t even bother with any accessories, not even a bag. I didn’t want anything that I could potentially lose or that could annoy me. I just shoved my phone, some money, a mini lipgloss, some lip balm and a tissue in my jeans pockets and I was good to go. Although in an attempt to cling on to summer I put on a squirt of my Bronze Goddess by Estée Lauder perfume. And on a slightly random side note; Estée Lauder is one of my mum’s favourite brands and she’s getting me hooked as well, I just realised that both the eyeshadow and lipgloss I was wearing was Estée Lauder.


And as for Jesus Christ Superstar? Well don’t get me started! Words simply cannot describe how amazingly brilliant it was. I haven’t stopped raving about it to my work colleagues and I’m very tempted to do an entire post about it! And I probably will do the nail art as well, so look out for that.

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