Top Five Zoya Nail Varnishes – Autumn 2013

Top Five Nail Varnishes


As of Autumn 2013

So next up in my top five series is Zoya. And you can click here if you want to see any other posts in my top five series. I’m liking Zoya nail varnishes more and more but my only problem with them is that they’re not easy to get hold of. I bought most of mine on eBay and they are some of the more expensive nail varnishes I buy. But I really like their colour selection and I very rarely have a problem with their formula. I went with my instinct when I chose my top five but I have added a couple of new Zoya nail varnishes to my collection recently and therefore Nikki gets an honourable mention, it doesn’t make the top five simply because it is so new to my collection. Valerie also gets an honourable mention because it is a lovely varnish and is my mum’s name. So on to my actual top five, in reverse order.

In Fifth Place is Arizona, a lovely orange crème. It’s quite bright, but not a neon and is perfect for summer. It just reminds me of ice lollies. I think I was originally attracted to this colour because of the name though.

Zoya Arizona

In Fourth Place is Gemma. This earns it’s place in my top five because it is so unique in my collection. It is a green colour but with a flash of purple shimmer, which is just gorgeous.

Zoya Gemma

In Third Place is Cola, a lovely rich brown colour which red undertones. I think the name Cola fits this varnish perfectly. It applies brilliantly and is a real staple in my Autumn colours.

Zoya Cola

In Second Place is Blu. New to my collection this spring I fell in love with this baby blue. The formula is slightly on the thick side but if I’m careful I can get away with one coat. It’s probably the palest blue I own as it is very white based but I think it just looks so clean and fresh on my nails in the spring time and I have already got a lot of use out of my bottle.

Zoya Blu

And in First Place is Stephanie, a white based pale pink. I originally only bought it because Stephanie is my younger sisters name but I quickly fell in love with it. It is on the sheer side and can take 4 costs before I’m happy with the opacity but the colour makes up for that for me. I’m not really a pink person and I like this because it is so white based.

Zoya Stephanie


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