Nail Varnish Review – Ozotic 915 Scatter

Nail Varnish Review

Ozotic – 915 Scatter

Just my thoughts from when I wore this nail varnish the other week. I wouldn’t really call it a review as such but more the story of how I came to own this nail varnish.

Ozotic 915 Scatter

I have been looking for a holographic green nail varnish for the longest time, for well over six months. I’ve bought a couple – Color Club’s Kismet and Color Club’s Angel Kiss – but neither where the colour I was quite looking for. Angel Kiss is more blue than I wanted and Kismet more yellow.

So when I saw Ozotic’s 915 Scatter on the Sally Magpies website I knew I needed to try it. I knew it was a scattered holographic when I bought it and although I am really looking for a linear holographic I thought I would give it a go.

This nail varnish applied easily and was opaque in two coats. And I love the shade of green it is. And the scattered holographic effect is pretty nice when out in the sun. I have absolutely no complaints about this nail varnish, but it’s not what I’m looking for. I pretty much want this shade of green but in a linear holographic. So my search will continue.

But no doubt I will wear this nail varnish again, as I do love this colour and the scattered holographic effect is much more subtle than the linear one if I ever do want to go for that kind of look.


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