Clearing Out My Stash

Clearing Out My Stash

Autumn 2013

So the girls at work – and some of the guys! – were pretty happy with me earlier this week. I done a de-stash of my nail varnish collection and took my unwanted nail varnishes in to work, were I announced to my colleagues that they were free to a good home. In the last year or so I’ve influenced a few of my closest friends at work and they’ve started to become very interested in nail varnish.

Nail Varnish

It was really therapeutic to go through my nail varnish box by box and sort out which ones I wanted to keep and which I was going to give away. I ended up with quite a large pile to give away, but I know I could have been much more brutal than I was with my clean out. There is no way I need any more nail varnish, but I know I’m going to end up buying more over the next few months as I eye but the autumn and winter collections. That was one reason for having a clear out.

Another reason was that there were a number of nail varnishes in my collection which weren’t getting the love they deserved. I gave away some really nice nail varnishes, but I just wasn’t using them. So someone else may as well get good use out of them. I also gave away a number of nail varnishes which I simply didn’t like. There was nothing wrong with them, they just weren’t to my taste.

I didn’t count how many I gave away, but most of my closest friends at work each came away with around three nail varnishes each. Some of the guys even took some for their wives/girlfriends/mums/sisters etc. And also even before the varnishes got to work, I gave my mum first pick and she kept about five or six. I set them all up on the spare desk next to me and loads of people had a look. I made sure all my friends got what they wanted and then some people who I don’t know all that well also took some. Everyone kept asking if it was okay if they took this one or that one or these three and I kept having to repeat that I’d brought them in to give away. I also got a lot of nice comments about my owl nails while all this was going on, which made me happy.

I’ve already said that I’ll thin out my stash again at some point in the future, but knowing me it’ll probably take me a long time!


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