Nail Art – Owl

Nail Art


So over the last month I’ve really started to embrace the autumn colours and I decided that I wanted to do some nail art. The result was these cute owl nails.

Owl Nail Art

I’m not sure why I, and many other people, associate owls with the autumn time, especially as I love watching them on Springwatch, but we just do. I’ve seen many photos and videos on how to create owl nails and this is my take on it.

As with any nail look, start with a base coat. I always use A-England’s The Knight. Then I painted my nails a dark brown colour, I used American Apparel’s Cocoa.

To create the owl’s stomach I painted a semi circle shape on the bottom half of my nail with a beige colour and coloured it in. The nail varnish I used for this was Nails Inc’s Chalk Farm Road.

Next I created the owl’s eyes. First I used a large dotting tool and a yellow nail varnish (I used H&M’s Summer Sunrise) and I made the dots slightly overlap the beige of the owls stomach. Then I placed a smaller white circle within the yellow, I used Zoya’s Snow White and finally an even smaller black circle within the white to create the pupils and I used A-England’s Camelot.

Then I used a bright orange colour to make the owl’s beak and claws. For the claws I just created to very small semi circles at the very tip of my nail. For the beak I pretty much just drew an orange line in between the eyes. The orange I used was Barry M’s Block Orange, however it’s a bit sheer since it is a jelly type formula and if I created this look again I’d try and find a different orange to use.

Then I used a medium coloured brown to draw small vertical lines on the beige of the owl’s stomach to represent feathers. The brown I used was American Apparel’s Make Up. And finally I used the same medium brown to create little triangles in the top corners of my nails to look like the owl’s ears. I barely had room on some of my nails to create them but they do just complete the nail art look.

And finally I finished with a top coat and as always I used A-England’s The Shield.

Owl Nail Art


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