Nail Art – Sailing Boat

Nail Art

Sailing Boat

If anyone read my May Nails of the Month post, then you know I’ve got a real thing for blue nail varnish at the moment. And I wanted to create a design on my nails which incorporated some of my favourite blue nail varnishes and was nice and summery. The result was this Sailing Boat nail art.

Sailing Boat Nail Art (2)

I started with a base coat as I do any time I paint my nails, and the one I used was A-England’s The Knight and then I painted all my nails with Topshop’s World’s Away, a nice light, bright blue colour, perfect for a summer’s sky. Then I created the sea by making a wavy line part way up my nail and filling in the bottom part of my nail with a slightly darker blue. The nail varnish I used for this was Wet n Wild Megalast’s I Need A Re-Fresh Mint. Then I added some waves by drawing short wavy lines over I Need A Re-Fresh Mint in different shades of blue, ranging from really light, to really dark. The nail varnishes I used for this were OPI’s OPI… Eurso Euro (the darkest blue I used), Zoya’s Blu (the lightest blue I used), Topshop’s Marine Scene and A-England’s Galahad. Finally I used Butter London’s frilly knickers to create a bit of sparkle, to create the illusion on the sun sparkling on the top of the water, but I made sure to scrap most of the glitter off the brush before I applied it as I didn’t want too much glitter.

Then on my index, middle and little fingers I used a dotting tool and Essie’s Blanc to create some clouds, making sure to leave space on my middle finger to for a sun. I used George’s Buttercup Shine for the sun, using a large dotting tool and then using a small brush to create the lines coming off.

On my thumb and ring finger I created sailing boats. I starting by making a vertical line in black down the middle of my nail, the nail varnish I used was A-England’s Camelot. Then at the bottom of the line I created a sort of trapezoid shape and filled it in with black, creating the bottom of the boat. Then I created the sails by drawing different size white triangles coming off the black line. I made the triangle of the right thicker and shorter and the one on the left longer and thinner. The white nail varnish I used for this was Essie’s Blanc. Then I drew a small triangle in red above the thicker sail to make a flag. The red I used for this was OPI’s Red Hot Ayers Rock. If I had any open blue space next to the boats, I went in with Essie’s Blanc and created some small clouds.

Then on all nails I created small ‘m’ shapes in a black nail varnish (A-England’s Camelot) to look like sea birds.

And I finished with a top coat to make everything nice and shiny. The top coat which I used was A-England’s The Shield, which is pretty much the only top coat I ever use.

Sailing Boat Nail Art (3)

Sailing Boat Nail Art (4)

Sailing Boat Nail Art (1)


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