Nails of the Month – May 2013

Nails of the Month

May 2013

How is May over already? We’ll be halfway through the year before we know it and that is super scary!

The first design I wore this month was the only real nail art I done and that was Fruit Nails. The base colour I used was George’s Cloudless Sky. On my thumb I created grapes and the purple I used was Barry M’s Indigo. On my index finger I created lemons and the yellow I used was New York Color In A Minute’s Lexington Yellow. On my middle finger I created oranges and the orange I used was Zoya’s Arizona. On my ring finger I created lines and the green I used was Jessica’s Lime Cooler and on my little finger I created apples and the red I used was Orly’s Poison Apple. On all nails the brown I used to create the stalks was E.l.f’s Smoky Brown and the green I used for the leaves was Collection 2000 Hot Looks’ Ninja.

Fruity Nails

Next I painted all my nails with Gummy Green from Hard Candy. I’m loving the small matte glitter nail varnish trend!

Hard Candy Gummy Green

We finally got a bit of sunshine and I broke out my neon nail varnish, but only as an accent nail. On all nails apart from my ring finger I wore Wet n Wild Megalast’s I Need A Re-Fresh Mint and on my ring finger I wore Orly’s Glowstick. I had so totally forgot how bright that nail varnish is!

I Need A Refresh-Mint with Glowstick

Then I painted my nails with Ozotic, which is a lovely blue colour.

Ozotic 505

I’ve had a real thing for blue this month and next I wore Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear’s Pacific Blue with Picture Polish’s Ocean layered over the top.

Pacific Blue with Ocean

Then I painted all my nails with Ilamasqua’s Speckle. I think Ilamasqua’s nail varnishes with the small matte glitter are my favourites.

Ilamasqua Speckle

My next manicure was really girly for me. I painted all my nails with Butter London’s Teddy Girl and then created an accent nail with Barry M’s Rose Quartz Glitter. This looked really pretty but I forgot to take a photo of it.

Then I wore Cirque’s Epoch, a really dark shade for me at this time of year.

Cirque Epoch

Next I wore Nails Inc’s Kensington Park Road, a bright neon blue and layered Nails Inc’s Brighton over the top, one of their feather effect nail varnishes. I really do like the feather effect nail varnishes and have my eye on Barry M’s Confetti collection when it gets released soon, as one of them looks like an exact dupe of Brighton.

Kensington Park Road with Birghton

Next I wore China Glaze’s For Audrey. See what I mean about being on a bit of a blue kick this month?

China Glaze For Audrey

Then I wore Color Club’s Kismet. I’m looking for a green holographic nail varnish, but haven’t been able to find one. If anyone knows of a good one please let me know!

Color Club Kismet

Then I created a two-toned blue look on my nails using striping tape. The base colour I used was Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure’s Angel Wings and the two blues I used were Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear’s Pacific Blue and Barry M’s Blackberry from the Gelly Hi-Shine range.

Pacific Blue and Blackberry with Angel Wings Stripe

Then I used Barry M’s Greenberry from the Gelly Hi-Shine line and created a pattern with dots using Papaya and Blackberry, both also from the Gelly Hi-Shine line from Barry M.

Greenberry with Dots

And finally I told myself that I needed to wear something other than blue or green, so I wore OP’s I Think In Pink and layered it with OPI’s Servin’ Up Sparkle.

I Think In Pink with Servin' Up Sparkle

On all the nail design’s I am wearing either Collection 2000′s 2 in 1 Base Coat and Ridge Filler with Keratin or A-England’s The Knight basecoat and A-England’s The Shield Top Coat.


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