Nails of the Month – March 2013

Nails of the Month

March 2013

I kind of gave up on randomly picking nail varnishes from my swatches towards the beginning of the month, but I have been making a point of trying to use some of my lesser used nail varnishes. I also did quite a lot of nail art this month. And I have started to make the transition towards more spring type nail varnish, I didn’t wear many dark colours this month.

The first nail varnish I wore this month was a random pick and that was Wet n Wild Megalast’s 2% Milk. I loved this nail varnish, which I didn’t expect to. However it is quite sheer and you could see some staining on my nails through it from a blue colour I wore the other week, so I added a coat of Zoya’s Chloe to try and cover it. The photo is just of 2% Milk, without Chloe over it.

2% Milk

The next nail varnish was another random pick and that was Topshop’s Hypnotic.


My next random pick was Accessorize’s Nevada which I didn’t like as much as I remembered, you can read my review on it by clicking here. But I did absolutely love Topshop’s Utilitarian which I used to create an accent nail.

Nevada with Utilitarian

Then I painted all my nails with Zoya’s Gemma. I’ve had a thing for green nail varnish recently.


My sister and I spent a night playing with nail art stickers, so I ended up painting my nails with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear’s Pacific Blue and adding multi-coloured flower stickers to my nails.

Pacific Blue with Flowers

I decided to attempt to create an ombre effect on my nails and it actually turned out ok for a first attempt. The colours I used to create this look were Dynasty, Palm Springs and Coney Island, all from American Apparel.

Ombre (3)

I based this Tartan Plaid design on a YouTube video by Totally Cool Nails. The nail varnishes I used to create this look were OPI’s Red Hot Ayers Rock, Collection 2000 Hot Looks Mint Mojo, Essie’s Headmistress and George’s Buttercup Shine.

Tartan Plaid Nails

Next I recreated a cutepolish for disneystyle nail art look, which was inspired by one of my all time favourite Disney movies, the Lion King. The varnishes I used to create this look were Essie’s Blanc, Collection 2000 Lasting Colour’s Fire Engine, Topshop’s Louder, New York Color In A Minute’s Lexington Yellow, E.l.f’s Black and a two way black nail art pen and striper.

Sunset nails

Next I painted my nails with Revlon’s Emerald City. This is described as a matte suede finish, but I don’t like the matte look very much so I did add a topcoat and I loved this nail varnish with the topcoat. I also added a nail art sticker of a similar colour to my index finger as I wanted to create an accent nail but didn’t want to do any nail art.

Emerald City

I really wanted to use some pastel nail varnishes, so I created stripes on my nails in different colours. Firstly I painted my nails alternatively with Barry M’s Strawberry Ice-cream and Barry M’s Lemon Ice-Cream. And to create the stripes I used Barry M’s Mint, Barry M’s Berry Ice-Cream, Wet n Wild Megalast’s Tropicalia, Wet n Wild Megalast’s I Need A Refresh-Mint and Zoya’s Arizona.

Pastel Stripes

This Bumblebee nail art was based upon a couple of different designs which I done my own version off. For the background colour I used Topshop’s Worlds End and to create the bee and it’s trail I used Essie’s Blanc, A-England’s Camelot and New York Color In A Minute’s Lexington Yellow.

Bumblebee Nail Art

My Easter egg and chick nails were also loosely based upon a couple of different designs I had seen. The nail varnishes I used to create the chicks were Essie’s Blanc, Barry M’s Lemon Ice-Cream, A-England’s Camelot and Barry M’s Block Orange. To create the eggs I used Essie’s Blanc, Essie’s Navigate Her, Essie’s A Crewed Interest, Barry M’s Strawberry Ice-Cream, Barry M’s Berry Ice-Cream and Barry M’s Blue Moon.

Easter Egg and Chick nails

And lastly I created an Ombre look with American apparel’s Dynasty, Coney Island, Palm Springs and Cocoa and Borghese Rapido’s Castello Blue.

Ombre (1)Ombre (2)

On all the nail design’s I am wearing either Collection 2000′s 2 in 1 Base Coat and Ridge Filler with Keratin or A-England’s The Knight basecoat and A-England’s The Shield Top Coat.


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