Nail Art – Snowy Winter Town

Nail Art

Snowy Winter Town

I wore this design at the beginning of December. It seemed like ages since I had done any nail art and Christmas should have provided plenty of opportunities to rectify that fact. However, it is now January, and I’m only just getting around to posting this. Family drama and being ill meant that I didn’t get to do any other nail art last month. Even when I wore this design I didn’t feel very Christmassy, and although this is inspired by the wintery town scenes you get on Christmas cards I’m tending to think of this as more winter nail art rather than Christmas nail art.

Snowy Winter Town Nails

First off I started by painting all my nails blue. I have over 50 different blue nail varnishes – I absolutely love blue nail varnish – but not a single one of them was the exact shade of blue I wanted for this design. That cold winters morning sky, slightly frosty but still bright blue. And I wanted a varnish with a cream finish, I didn’t use any glitter in this design. The blue I settles on in the end was Cloudless Sky from the George line which you can buy at Asda. It is a bit more of a summery colour than I wanted but I think it worked. Then I painted the bottom half of my nails white to represent snow on the ground. I was careful not to make it a clean line where the blue and the white met but to make it slightly wavy. The white I used was Essie’s Blanc, which is the normal white I use. Then I started painting one or two brown squares on my nails, over lapping both the blue and the white and these formed the houses. On some nails I created two houses and on others I created one house and some trees. I used two different browns to create the houses and I just used them randomly. The two nail varnishes I used were Desert Haze from E.l.f and a Makeup Academy varnish in shade 21. Next I painted triangles on the top of the squares to create the roofs of the houses. I used three different colours to do this and again I used them randomly. I used shade 21 by Makeup Academy again (although I made sure not to use it on top of a square already painted in that colour), and also Zoya’s Cola and Orly’s Poison Apple.

After that I placed four small dots in the corner of each square in a pale yellow colour to represent windows. The yellow which I used was Barry M’s 307 Lemon Ice-cream. The I placed a small rectangle of colour in between the bottom two windows to create a door. Again I didn’t follow any set pattern with the colours I was using and the doors were in either Zoya’s Cola, Orly’s Poison Apple or New York Color In A Minute’s 298 High Line Green. And finally to complete the houses I painted a thin line of white of the top of the triangles to represent snow on the roofs. And if I had just wanted to create snow covered houses on my nails that would be my design complete but I had decided I wanted to go for more of a landscape theme and added some trees, both evergreen and deciduous.

The gaps where I had left spaces for the trees were also left randomly. The evergreen tress were very simply to create. I used Barry M’s 341 Cappucino to form a thickish straight line to represent the trunk of the tree and then I used New York Color In A Minute’s 298 High Line Green to create a tall triangle on top of that and lined the top of the triangle in white to make it look like snow had fallen on the tree. High Line Green is the usual dark green I reach for when doing nail art and I think it’s a lovely colour but I’m looking out for another dark green nail varnish because this one bleeds so badly when combined with other colours, it turned the white above it slightly light green which is annoying. It also done the same thing when I used it to create my Wimbledon nail art last summer, click here to see that. Then to create the deciduous trees I painted a thickish brown line , again in Barry M’s 341 Cappucino, and drew some thin diagonal lines coming off it to create branches, which I then put a thin line of white on top.

And finally to complete the entire design I placed small white dots in any spaces where I had a large patch of blue to represent falling snow.

Snowy Winter Town Nails

Snowy Winter Town Nails (1)

Snowy Winter Town Nails (2)

Snowy Winter Town Nails

Sorry about the not-so-great quality of the photos – I can’t wait until spring and summer when I can take photos in natural light again. The flash on my camera does not like artifical light.


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