Nails of the Month – December 2012

Nails of the Month

December 2012

I didn’t actually wear that many different nail designs this month. I started the month all excited about doing loads of Christmassy nail art, but then family drama of the bad sort happened and then I got ill, so my nails were not a priority and for about a week and a half period I either had really chipped nail varnish on, or no nail varnish on whatsoever, something which has not happened since about March!

Anyway, at the beginning of December (it seems like a lifetime ago) I had a really important meeting for work, which involved a day trip to another city. So I reached for my go-to nail varnish when I want to look professional and that is China Glaze’s Fast Track.

Fast Track

So at the beginning of the month I did actually manage to do some nail art and I created this look which I am calling Snowy Winter Town nails. Click here if you want to see how I created this look.

Snowy Winter Town Nails

And then I continued on with the nail art trend and created these Snowflake nails. The base colour I used was NYX’s Titanic, I painted the snowflake’s on with Essie’s Blanc and then used Butter London’s Frilly Knickers to add some sparkle. I love NYX’s Titanic, I think it’s an incredibly beautiful colour, but it just chips so badly, which is such a disappointment. And I love pairing it with Frilly Knickers, it’s not the first time I’ve combined those two varnishes. You can see how badly it chipped in the photo below.

Snowflake nails

It was before I wore my next nail varnish that I didn’t wear anything on my nails for over a week. I was going to do a nativity scene for Christmas Day on my nails, but didn’t get past putting on the base colour before I was too tired to continue. Trust me, combining the flu and the norovirus is really no fun! So the nail varnish I ended up wearing on Christmas Day was A-England’s Order of the Garter, a lovely bright shimmery blue colour. Click here to see my review of this nail varnish.

Order of the Garter

The when that finally started to chip, I couldn’t really be bothered to re-do my nails. I’m still recovering now and am still getting tired really easy. So I had treated myself to some striping tape over Christmas, so I decided to make different coloured diamonds over Order of the Garter. On my thumb I have A-England’s St George, on my index finger I have A-England’s Perceval, on my middle finger I have Zoya’s Valerie, on my ring finger I have A-England’s Dragon and on my little finger I have A-England’s Tristam.

Diamonds over Order of the Garter

And the final manicure I wore in 2012 was A-England’s Jane Eyre from the new Gothic Beauties collection with Barry M’s Ruby Glitter over the top. I was quite disappointed with the Gothic Beauties collection. The nail varnishes all look so lovely in the bottle, but it doesn’t really translate to the nail and unless the light hits it just right it just looks like you are wearing black nail varnish. I though Jane Eyre was a close match to Ruby Glitter though. Ruby Glitter is a lovely nail varnish, but I think I’ll need to thin it before I use it again as it came out really thick and did bubble. You get really great glitter coverage from it though. Next time though, I think I’ll wear it over A-England’s Lancelot. And although it is called Ruby Glitter, which to me suggests red, I found that it looked very pink most of the time. Still really pretty though.

Jane Eyre and Ruby Glitter

On all the nail design’s I am wearing either Collection 2000′s 2 in 1 Base Coat and Ridge Filler with Keratin or A-England’s The Knight basecoat and A-England’s The Shield Top Coat. All photos are taken with a flash. And I’m sorry about the poor quality of many of the photos. Many were taken when I still wasn’t feeling great and my thought at the time was ‘I’ve took a photo, that’ll do!’ I’m hoping to wear a lot more colours next month, and have had a splash on some nail art items, so hopefully my next Nails of the Month post will contain more than this one does!


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