A-England – Gothic Times


Gothic Times

So any nail varnish lovers out there, particularly A-England nail varnish lovers, A-England are having a sale from today (21st November 2012) until the 30th November 2012.

A-England nail varnishes normally retail for £9, with free postage and packing from the A-England website. The sale is being called Gothic Times and you can get certain combinations of nail varnishes two for £10 and other nail varnishes for £6.

The two for £10 combinations are Avalon and Ophelia, Perceval and Jane Eyre, Morgan Le Fay and Bridal Veil, The Shield (topcoat) and The Knight (basecoat), Avalon and Lady of Shalott and Perceval and Dorian Gray.

The nail varnishes which are reduced to £6 individually are Camelot, King Arthur, Lady of Shalott, Ophelia, Dorian Gray, Tess D’Urbervilles, Jane Eyre, Elaine and Lancelot.

I think that it’s a pretty good deal and I’ve already placed my order – I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had the complete Gothic Beauties collection. I think the combination deal is particularly good as you’re practically getting two nail varnishes for the price of one. However I do wish that it had been mix and match, as there was only one combination where I didn’t already have one (or both) of the nail varnishes. So I got that combination (it was Avalon and Ophelia if you’re interested), the Shield and Knight combination simply to stock up on them (although I haven’t quite made my mind up if I like the Knight as a basecoat, but I simply adore the Shield as a topcoat) and then King Arthur, Tess D’Urberville and Jane Eyre as well. I can’t wait for them to arrive.

I think the A-England nail varnishes are worth £9 anyway, so when they’re on sale I feel like I’m getting a particularly good deal. Is anyone else going to indulge while A-England have this sale on? My only other wish is that this sale included the new version of Holy Grail, and their other new nail varnish Beauty Never Fails. No doubt I will be getting them at some point, but at the moment most of my money is going towards Christmas.


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