Outfit of the Day – Lunch and Shopping with Mum on a Warm Autumn Day

Outfit of the Day

Lunch and Shopping with Mum on a Warm Autumn Day

So yesterday I met my mum once she’d finished work and we went for lunch and done a bit of shopping. Now, it was one of those days yesterday when I really didn’t know what to wear. It wasn’t overly warm, but it wasn’t overly cold either. And with going out for lunch and shopping I never really want to wear a jacket or a coat because when I’m in and out of shops I’m always taking it on and off.

So in the end I ended up chucking on a long-sleeved grey knit jumper dress, which has a really nice yellow, blue and white detailing on the hem. And I just wore it over some plain black leggings and my knee high brown boots. The dress is from New Look and my mum got me it last Christmas. I’m pretty certain my leggings were just from Primark.

My boots were also a Christmas present last year and are from Marks and Spencer. I’ve had them almost a year now and I’m still completely in love with them.

I didn’t even bother with any accessories, I just grabbed my new small satchel bag from Urban Outfitters, which was in the sale and was a total bargin.

And on my nails I was wearing OPI’s Moonraker, with OPI’s Goldeneye as an accent nail. Both from the new Skyfall 007 collection.


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