Outfit of the Day – Autumn Shopping Trip

Outfit of the Day

Autumn Shopping Trip

So today, my mum, younger sister and I went shopping to York, which is a lovely historic city about an hour’s drive from where we live. And it was one of those lovely autumn days which I love. There was a clear bright light blue sky and the sun was shining, but goodness was there a nip in the air, it did feel quite cold this morning. We set off quite early and when we arrived it was probably only about 8°C (about 46°F) although by the time we left it had got up to about 12°C (about 53°F).

I always struggle with what to wear when I go shopping, particularly at this time of year, as I don’t want to wrap up too warm as the shops are always really warm with their heating on, and then outside it’s cold.

York is a pretty big place, so comfortable shoes are a must. I wore what is probably my most worn type of shoes which is my black style ugg boots. They are so comfy, they’re warm and they pretty much go with any outfit I can chuck together. Mine are from River Island, but you can get similar from loads of places. These also featured in my last Outfit of the Day post, to check that out click here.

The jeans I wore are also the jeans which I was wearing in my last Outfit of the Day post, my dark blue skinny jeans from Henry Holland, which I think it’s fair to say are my favourite jeans at the moment. With them I wore grey and white stripped strap top with a design on the  showing different photographs which is from New Look, over a plain black strap top and a plain black hoodie. I have no idea where I got the hoodie from, it’s just your standard black hoodie with a white zip down the front.

And a closer look at the design on my top.

I was also wearing my fish necklace from summer camp which was in my last Outfit of the Day post, as although the top I was wearing is not exactly low cut, I did seem to have an expanse of skin showing under my neck which needed breaking up with a necklace or a scarf and I went with the necklace.

I was also wearing a really cute pair of earrings which I got in a set from Topshop. They’re an outline of a heart in silver and then they have the peace sign within the heart.

On my nails I am wearing China Glaze’s Agro from the Hunger Games collection with an accent nail in Topshop’s Mesmerise from their Sister’s of the New Moon collection. Please forgive the slightly strange looking photo, I have a plaster (band-aid) on my thumb and was trying to hide it!

For once I’d straightened my hair so it wasn’t pulled back into a scruffy plait or bun. Instead I wore it in a low, flipped through, ponytail. As I knew it would have done my head in if I left it down.

I had a great day with my mum and sister and also bought quite a few things, so I may do a collective haul post on what I got as I’m really happy with my purchases (my bank balance, not so much!).

And on a very random side note, the Eddie Stobbart count for today was 8, although we only managed to get the name of one – Helen Maria.

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