Outfit of the Day – Fresh Autumn Morning at the Seaside

Outfit of the Day

Fresh Autumn Morning at the Seaside

Welcome to my first outfit of the day post! It’s one of my favourite types of day today. It’s a beautiful autumn day today here in the north east of England. We’ve got a bright blue sky, but there is a nip in the air, it is quite cool. But I love days like that, it just feels so fresh! It’s wasn’t too cold, just nice and fresh and crisp. It was about 10°C, which is about 50°F.

And I’ve spent most of the day at the beach and it was lovely. I love the seaside. But it was definitely not shorts and flip-flops weather, more like jumper, coat and boots weather. I don’t actually have a photo of me wearing the outfit, although I have a picture of the clothes, as no-one knows that I keep a blog, and I didn’t feel like answering questions on why I wanted my photo took.

What I was wearing is dark denim skinny jeans, tucked into black ugg style boots. A beigey coloured knit jumper with hints of red, yellow and blue in it over a white strap top, a pale blue scarf with a grey floral print on it and a blue coat.

My scarf, jumper and jeans. The jeans are by Henry Holland, which you can buy at Debenhams. My jumper is from New Look and my scarf is from Primark.

My outfit with my coat. My coat is also from Henry Holland, which is pretty much one of my favourite brands of clothing at the moment. It’s really good quality and they are fairly inexpensive.

My boots are from River Island and cost around £30 to £35. This is the third year in a row I have had River Island’s variation of black ugg boots. They are always really good quality, and they keep their shape, so your foot doesn’t end up hanging over the side of the boot, if you get my meaning.

A closer look at my jumper, so that you can see the knitted pattern and the hints of blue, red and yellow in it.

A close up of my scarf, so that you can see the floral design on it. I’ve only just got it, but I have a feeling it’s going to be on of my favourite pieces of clothing this autumn.

And to complete my outfit I was also wearing nail varnish and a couple of accessories. On my nails I have an Ozotic nail varnish in shade 515. This is a lovely bright light blue nail varnish, with loads of holographic shimmer in it, which made it super fun to wear at the seaside when the sun was shining as it really seemed to sparkle different colours. I’m not entirely sure that the photos do it justice and show just how pretty it is.

I was also wearing a necklace I got given at summer camp a couple of years ago and is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. I usually get a lot of nice comments when I wear it from friends, but as it was a gift I unfortunately don’t know where you can get it.

And to complete my look I was wearing a cute pair of Noah’s Ark earrings, which I got in a pack from Primark.

I had a great time at the beach and I just loved the outfit I was wearing.

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