Nail Varnish Review – A-England Order of the Garter

Nail Varnish Review

A-England – Order of the Garter

I am currently obsessed with the A-England nail varnish brand. Not only is the quality brilliant, but I also love the themes behind their collection. Order of the Garter is the sixth or seventh A-England nail varnish I’ve used. It’s part of The Legend collection and is named for the highest order of chivalry which can be bestowed upon a knight in English history.

Order of the Garter is a bright blue colour, a royal blue almost, with a delicate shimmer running throughout it. In the light, the shimmer looks like a really bright blue, and at times I think I can detect slight hints of purple and silver. And overall it just creates a gorgeous effect.

This was the first A-England nail varnish which I found to be a bit on the sheer side. The others which I’ve used were all almost one coaters, but Order of the Garter needed three coats before it was the nice bright blue colour it is in the bottle without any bald spots. But the three coats were worth it for the final effect. The next

time I wear it though, I may layer a coat of white underneath it, to give it that extra pop of colour.

I did start to get minimal chip wear on the tips of my nails after two days, but my nails take a real beating at work and I was wearing them slightly longer than normal (by no means could they be classed a long though) and I kind of expected that, so it didn’t disappoint me.

All A-England nail varnishes are available of their website ( and are £9 each, with free shipping, worldwide.

In the photo’s I’ve created an accent nail with China Glaze’s I’m Not Lion from there On Safari collection. All photo’s are taken with a flash and on my nails I have a base coat, three coats of Order of the Garter or I’m Not Lion and then a top coat. The base coat I used was Collection 2000′s Nail Care 2 in 1 Base Coast and Ridge Filler with Keratin and the top coat is A-England’s Shield.


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