A-England – Gothic Beauties Collection


Gothic Beauties Collection

I went onto A-England’s website yesterday to order a back up of The Shield, (which is my all time favourite topcoat and I’m currently about a third of the way down my bottle), and to my surprise and amazement, they have a new collection out!!!

I so totally wasn’t expecting that. A-England are one of my favourite nail varnish brands, but I’d kind of given up on them ever having a new collection out, and I’ve been working my way through buying every nail varnish they have. (I own three of the seven out of The Legend collection and eight of the fifteen out of The Mythicals collection). But as soon as I saw this new collection, I couldn’t resist, so I will soon own two out of the five of the Gothic Beauties collection, I got the e-mail today saying that my package has been shipped. Note to self – do not go on nail varnish websites two days after pay day!

The Gothic Beauties collection consists of five nail varnishes, and are all inspired by characters from English literature. Just the inspiration is enough to make me want to buy these nail varnishes, but they also look really amazing! The colours are Dorian Gray, Ophelia, Tess D’Urbervilles, Lady of Shalott and Jane Eyre. All are quite dark shades, and all look like they have some shimmer in them. And A-England are brilliant at shimmers – I only own one A-England nail varnish that isn’t a shimmer (Galahad).

The two I’ve bought are Dorian Gray and Lady of Shalott and I can’t wait for them to arrive, all the collection look like perfect autumn colours. And I know I’ll be buying Jane Eyre at some point as well, and probably the rest of the collection. So don’t be surprised if you see a lot of A-England nail varnishes in October’s Nails of the Month!

All of the new collection is available on A-England’s website (www.a-england.co.uk) and they are all £9 each, like all other A-England nail varnishes. And one of the best things about A-England? They do free shipping. Worldwide. I live in England, so it’s domestic shipping and the packages always seem to get here pretty quick. But free worldwide shipping? I wish brands like China Glaze, OPI, Essie and Zoya would do that. It’d save me a fortune!


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