Nail Art – The Ryder Cup 2012

Nail Art

The Ryder Cup 2012

If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts you will know that I’m a huge sport fan. And that I love combining sport with my love for nail varnish and nail art. And the Ryder Cup has presented another opportunity to do that. Dad and I will be cheering on Europe for the next three days, and on my nails I have alternatively painted a little golf course and a version on the European Union flag.

To create the European Union flag I painted my nails a dark blue and then used a medium sized dotting tool to make a circle of small yellow dots. I can’t draw stars at the best of times and especially not that small and on my nails, so I substituted dots! Obviously, any darkish blue nail varnish and bright yellow will do but the actually nail varnishes I used were Rimmel London Pro in 425 My Denim (2 coats) and New York Color In A Minute in 294 Lexington Yellow.

To make the golf courses I used three different shades of green (light, medium and dark), a sandy colour, a bright blue, a bright red and a black. I started by painting my nails in the medium shade of green, which will form the fairway when the design is complete. The green I used was OPI’s Who The Shrek Are You. Then I formed two wavy lines on the side of both of my nails which I filled in with my darker green nail varnish to form the rough grass. The colour I used was New York Color In A Minute’s 298 High Line Green. Then in the middle bottom of my nail I created a rough circle shape with my lightest shade of green to form the green. The colour I used was Barry M’s 300 Acid Yellow. Then I created bunkers and water hazards in the top corners of my nails by using a bright blue nail varnish and a sandy coloured nail varnish and just created roughly circular/oval shapes to create them. The blue I used for the water hazards was Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear’s 420 Pacific Blue and the sandy colour I used for the bunkers was China Glaze’s Kalahari Kiss. Then I drew a straight line from the lightest green colour forming the green up towards the middle of the nail to form the flag pole. The nail varnish I used was E.l.f’s Black. And then I created a sideways triangle at the top of the black line to form the actual flag. The red I used was OPI’s Red Hot Ayers Rock.

The only thing I’m not overly happy about with this design is the colour of blue I used for the European Flags, I would have liked it to have been a little bit darker. I have 41 different shades of blue nail varnish, but I didn’t have one that was just right.

I am really happy with how the design has turned out though. And I love how colourful the little golf courses are.

All photos are taken with a flash and on all my nails I have a base coat and a top coat. The base coat I used was Collection 2000′s Nail Care 2 in 1 Base Coast and Ridge Filler with Keratin and the top coat is A-England’s Shield.

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