Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Pacific Blue

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

Pacific Blue

I’m so excited! I’ve finally managed to find this nail varnish on eBay. I’ve been looking for it for what seems like ages. I’ve heard so many good things about this nail varnish on YouTube and nail varnish blogs that I’m now super excited and can’t wait for it to arrive.

Depending on how long it takes to get here there is a distinct possibility that you will see it featured in my next Nails of the Month blog.

So many people seem to love this colour, and living in England, I’ve never actually seen it in person, so I’m really excited to see it. I’ve also never used any of the Sally Hansen Xtreme wear nail varnishes, although I have a couple of Sally Hansen Hi-Definition nail varnishes and Sally Hansen Instra-Dri nail varnishes, so I’m excited to try out the brand as well as the colour.

But I’m mostly looking forward to trying out the colour as it looks so gorgeous every time someone shows it on YouTube, it’s been on my wish list for so long!


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