Nail Art – Wimbledon 2012

Nail Art

Wimbledon 2012

I love summer’s filled with loads of sport to watch. And one constant every year in my family is the watching of Wimbledon. As far as summer sport goes lets not mention England’s disappointing exit of Euro 2012 last night, although Italy did deserve to win. And I use the term summer very loosely in terms of weather, since here in the north of England it does not feel like summer. I just wish it would stop raining! So when I had nothing to do on Saturday afternoon – it was raining yet again – I decided to paint my nails ready for Wimbledon beginning today.

Wimbledon Nail Art

On my thumb, middle finger and little finger I have created tennis nets and on my index finger and my ring finger I have created tennis balls. The tennis nets are quite simple to create, if a little time consuming and the tennis balls are super easy to create.

So I started by painting my thumb, middle finger and little finger a medium to dark green colour and my index finger and little finger a greeny-yellow colour, tennis ball colour basically. I happen to have a nail varnish in my collection which I think matches the colour of tennis balls almost exactly. Then on the green nails I took a black nail varnish and a nail art brush and drew small diagonal lines across the nail. I completed all the lines going the same way on all my nails, before going back to the beginning to draw diagonal lines going the other way and thus creating the net. I then took a white nail varnish and my nail art brush and created a thick white stripe at the top on my nail to form the top part of the net. I was however having major issues with my white nail varnish, so I ended up using one of my white stripers and then had to go over it again with the white nail varnish.

Then to create the tennis balls on my index finger and my ring finger I took the same white nail varnish – it worked much better for this part for some reason – and drew two curved lines on either side of my nail. They really are that simple. I was worried they weren’t going to look much like tennis balls but I think they do.

Now you can use any green, greeny-yellow, black and white nail varnish you have to create this look. But the nail varnishes I actually used were New York Color In A Minute in 298 High Line Green, Accessorize nail varnish in Carnival (I think it’s the perfect tennis ball colour, but that probably wasn’t the inspiration behind it!) Essie’s 10 Blanc, A-England’s Camelot and Nail Star Two-Way Nail Art Pen and Brush in White.

All photo’s are taken with a flash and I apologise for the poor picture quality, I’m having major issues with my camera tonight. On my nails I have a base coat, 2 coats of New York Color In A Minute 298 High Line Green or Accessorize Carnival, one coat of either the black or white forming the lines and then about three or four coats forming the white tip on the nets to stop it from turning a light green colour and then a top coat. The base coat I used was Collection 2000′s Nail Care 2 in 1 Base Coast and Ridge Filler with Keratin and the top coat is A-England’s Shield.

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