Nail Varnish Review – Topshop Zodiac

Nail Varnish Review

Topshop – Zodiac

I went shopping with my younger sister a couple of weeks back and we called into Topshop as I wanted to buy a nail varnish I’d read some good reviews of – Waterlily. However when we got to the makeup stand in the local store we found that they have a new collection at the moment called Sisters of the New Moon, which I think is limited edition. And this collection contains four nail varnishes, all of them metallic shades. And due to my sister’s bad (good?) influence, I ended up buying all four nail varnishes. Topshop nail varnishes aren’t overly expensive, and I think the Sisters of the New Moon one’s cost a little bit more than normal Topshop nail varnishes, maybe around the £6 mark, and certainly no more than £7.

Topshop Zodiac

Zodiac is the second one of the four which I’ve actually tried. The first one I tried was Moonstone, which is just a simple metallic silver colour, but quite pretty. Zodiac is something completely different and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s a blackish greenish base with loads of gold shimmer in it. When I put it on my nails I didn’t expect there to be as much shimmer as there was, my nails were completely covered with two coats. It was fairly easy to apply the varnish evenly as well, and I liked the brush size. I have really small nails and often struggle with the larger brushes. This brush may be too small for some people, but I liked it.

Most of the time the base does look greenish black, but in certain lights, if the sun was shining on it just right it appeared as more of a bluey grey base, which was completely pretty. When I was buying yet more nail varnish at Accessorize the sales assistant serving me did actually ask me what I was wearing, it is that pretty.

The only downside with it for me at the moment, is that it seems like a very autumnal shade. I only really put it on the other day because I was desperate to try it out and I didn’t really have any nice spring summery shades to wear. Something which I am now correcting by going on a major nail varnish shopping spree!

Photos are taken with a flash and on my nails I have a basecoat, two coats of Zodiac and then a topcoat. The base coat I used was Collection 2000’s Nail Care 2 in 1 Base Coast and Ridge Filler with Keratin and the top coat is Collection 2000’s Nail Care 2 in 1 Top Coat and Gloss Enhancer. The photo is also taken after I’d been wearing the varnish for two or three days or so and it is amazingly hard wearing, hardly any chipping. When I wore the Moonstone colour that also hardly chipped after something like five or six days, and I only took it off because I wanted to wear a different colour, not because I needed to.

Has anyone else come across this collection at Topshop and tried it? What does everyone think?

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